"The Art of Insight"
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Folks who know me well were always aware of my interest in astrology, it's been a hobby since youth. Recognizing the self-development opportunities astrology offered and how easily these insights could be applied, if only to steer clear of trouble, my research continued. Now in my 50's and semi-retired in St. Augustine, this website was created "to provide astrology reports with insight". I built and maintain the site, prepare the content, run the reports, charts, produce the videos, and own the company, it's been a fun experience! Your comments or suggestions are always welcome.

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You always have a choice in your future and advance knowledge of daily trends is essential to making the proper choices for your lifestyle. Maintaining awareness of astrological trends can be an effective and efficient tool when applied to your regimen in business or social circumstances. In ancient times individual horoscopes with precise calculations using your birth time and place were erected only for those born to royalty, however, that is no longer.